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A virtual personal assistant is the fast and easy way to get your to-do list prioritized, the family calendar organized, and your personal tasks managed.

At Zirtual, our virtual assistants can help with a variety of personal tasks such as:

Entrepreneur Plan

Small task work to keep on top of a few things.

12 Hours of Task Work
1 User Included

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12% Discount
Startup Plan

Project work that goes beyond inbox & scheduling.

24 Hours of Task Work
2 Users Included

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16% Discount
Small Business Plan

Part-time help just shy of a full time employee.

36 Hours of Task Work
3 Users Included

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2 Bonus Users
Team Plan

Part-time help just shy of a full time employee.

50 Hours of Task Work
5 Users Included

Scheduling appointments

Making reservations

Managing to-do task lists

Organizing paperwork, receipts, and bills

Vendor management

Travel booking

Event and wedding planning

While the list of personal tasks we can do is almost endless, there is a certain limitation to be aware of when using an online personal assistant, and that is physical tasks.

Our virtual assistants can do just about any virtual task you may need, but anything that would need to be physically performed (such as pick up the dry cleaning, or take the dog to the vet) would fall out of our scope of service.

Here are just a few of the other ways you might utilize your Zirtual personal assistant:
At Home

Have your virtual personal assistant keep track of the family calendar so no one misses another doctor, dentist, haircut, or vet appointment again.

Ask them to research fun destinations for your next vacation, then they can plan your itinerary and book your flight, hotel and rental car.

Send them your grocery list and they can purchase it online and have it sent to your house at your convenience.
For Holidays and Special Occasions

Give your VA your holiday shopping list and they’ll find you the best deal, purchase it for you and have it shipped to your home ready to go under the tree.

Let them know about special dates like birthdays and anniversaries, then they can send your spouse roses at work, make reservations for dinner, and book tickets for two to the ballet and have them waiting for you at will call.
Keeping Your Finances in Line

Put your assistant in charge of paying monthly bills like utilities, cell phone, and car insurance, then they can keep everything tracked and organized in a spreadsheet for you.

Snap pictures of your receipts and send them to your virtual personal assistant with a note of what the purchase was for, and they can keep them all organized and documented so that come tax time, your deductions are a breeze.
Event & Wedding Planning

Another huge advantage in having a Zirtual personal assistant is that they can support you with many different types of event planning. Event planning can be extremely time consuming and overwhelming, for most people just finding a wedding venue can be a daunting task.

Event planning can also be very expensive, but why spend a huge chunk of your event budget on a wedding planner or event planner, when your virtual assistant will be able to give you the results you want for a fraction of the cost?

Consider this, event planning companies will usually try to get you spend as much as possible, or they’ll want you to use only the vendors they do business with, but your Zirtual Assistant will have only your preferences and budget in mind.

Whether you need help with wedding planning, corporate events, party planning, or just help setting up any special meeting or event, our virtual personal assistants are ready to keep you organized and stress free!

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