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We were able to get our hands on the LATEST version of the most useful software for carding! Anti-Detect 7.0 with which you will be able to spoof almost every parameter in order to exceed in your fraud activities.

We have seen that some sellers dared to ask more than $400+ for just one key of the software to use only on 1 PC, guess what? We got you covered! Ours is just less than $80 bucks and you got UNLIMITED machines to install this baby on! ;)

We have instructed our team of top-tier programmers to fully re-code the complex structure of Anti-Detect and enhance it so that all the bad bugs, problems and troubleshoots will be resolved automatically, so nobody is gonna bother you with some weird errors like with bad cracks out there! You just fire this babe up and start to fraud like a pro!

This is what you need if you plan on making any money from carding.

If you want to be a Professional Carder and raise your success rate 300% then you need this software. This software will make you card like a professional and you will be able to have a much higher accept rate.


- Invest in your new platform and MAKE EASY MONEY!
- NOOB friendly - anyone can set this up easy!
- Stop wasting money!!!!!
- Stop Wasting your cards!!!!!
- Invest in your setup and make money easily!!!!!!
- Onced purchased Ill go ahead and send you a download link to the file.
- Builds have been tested working on Windows 7 and 10, both x64, and under VMware. It should work properly on x86 versions as well. Older systems are not guaranteed to work.
- 6 configs files are provided. You can use them, make your own, or buy more from the official AntiDetect config autoshop. If there is popular demand, I will resell profiles as well.
- You get the full original package, including original instructions on how to use the program.
- Friends, since I have seen many vendors sell this for more than $400+ for just ONE KEY FOR ONE machine, I have been thinking that less than $80 would be the fairest amount to let you install this copy on as many machines as you wish to ;)
- Increase success!

ORIGINAL RETAIL PRICE: $500 USD (https://www.antidetect.org)


It's happened. The wait is over. If you want to be a Pro Carder and INCREASE success rate BY 500% then YOU NEED THIS NOW! No more paying $99 bucks a month for a fraudfox "subscription." We cracked it. From now on, it's just a flat fee. $10 bucks, and you get full access of FraudFox forever! When a new update comes out, we'll crack it again!

Note: A commonly asked question is how to use VIP72 with FraudFox. So I made a little video explaining it. Check out http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=07745365109809938819 if you want to see how to do that, or just want a demo of the crack!

FFox is the all-in-one tool for user-agent and device spoofing and perhaps the most advanced and fully detailed virtual machine on its class ever created. Never has there been any like it!

A jam packed Virtual Machine (VM)

It is a VM which includes modified versions of flash and Firefox browser along with other apps such as SocksCap64 and Proxifier in order to be able to setup IP and socks. It also comes with CCleaner to be able to delete and manipulate cookies. Not only that, the best benefit of it being a virtual machine is that it is open to software installation and addons. This means that each FFox copy is customizable and can be personalized according to your needs.

A developer's best friend.

With regards to web-based applications, FFox fits in perfectly in the testing phase. It is a developer's helping hand when it comes to testing out different created apps and cookies using different user agent profiles. It is also a tool used to be able to test out website security measures.

Smooth hassle free organization of profiles

Almost everything including cookies are stored on a profile. Switching and maintaining profiles has never been this easy. Profiles have their own .fox extension which can be easily copied and imported on any FFox VM even on other devices.

Anticanvassing Options Included

FFox offers customization options on the HTML 5 canvas element so that you have complete control over it.

Prevents IP and DNS leakage

WebRTC and DNS requests are forced to follow VPN or SOCKS protocol. Unencrypted data leakage is well managed.

Anonymous Browsing at its Finest

More than simple user-agent editing, FFox offers a lot more features such as device details manipulation via the VM console, changing the network footprint via obfuscate button, and a lot more. It is also open to further software installations such as a VPN client within the VM to be able to boost up your anonymous browsing.

Automatic Updates

If in cases new security measures are done by sites and new versions of flash plugin and OS user agents arrived , new updates are readily made by the developers.

For web-based app development, applications and website testing. FFox is your all-in-one solution!


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