Windows 10 Professional 32/64

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Key activation is allowed only on a licensed image. If for some reason you do not have a suitable distribution kit, download it from the link provided with the key or on the developers website .
Remember, this version is NOT INTENDED for government or corporate use - for private use only.
Product warranty two weeks after payment
Benefits of Windows 10 Professional
Additional features that come with Windows 10 professional make it the perfect business companion. Fans of progressive novelties will definitely like this product. Never before has an OS been so multitasking, flexible and secure.
New features provided to the Windows 10 Pro user:
Azure Active Directory lets you connect and work with business domains, remote network files and connected devices;
BitLocker makes efficient use of updated encryption and security settings;
the ability to use your PC is now available from anywhere in the world, thanks to logging in through a remote desktop;
integration with Hyper-V will allow you to create and work with different VMs of your PC;
to accommodate comfortable placement of business applications, the use of a private section in the Windows store is now available.

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