2017 25-cent 125th Anniversary of The Stanley Cup® Roll

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Item description

Since 1892, the Stanley Cup® has stood as a prestigious mark of excellence. It has become hockey's most coveted prize—the end goal for every NHL season, and a dream for all whose passion for our national sport runs deep. Celebrate one of the most famous sports trophies of all time with this special wrap roll of commemorative coins, which proudly pay tribute to the 125-year history of a treasured national icon.

Beyond the annual ceremony at centre ice, where champions hoist it high for all to see, Canadians regard the Stanley Cup® as a revered cultural icon. It began with a Governor General's desire to foster competition among Canada's amateur teams; but Lord Stanley's donation of a silver bowl has taken on far greater meaning over the years. Having passed through the hands of many of the game's legends, the Stanley Cup® has become the embodiment of a winter sport that is at the heart of some of the proudest moments in our nation's history!

A perfect gift for any hockey fan—young and old! Order today!
Special Features:

ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS SPORTS TROPHIES OF ALL TIME! Your 25-cent special wrap roll celebrates the 125th anniversary of the Stanley Cup® and the years of hockey history since Lord Stanley's donation of a silver bowl!
EACH ROLL FEATURES 40 COMMEMORATIVE COINS! An affordable collectible and the perfect gift for any hockey fan, young and old!
A WINTER SPORT AT THE HEART OF SOME OF THE PROUDEST MOMENTS IN OUR NATION'S HISTORY! Each coin bears the commemorative dates "1892" and "2017" as well as the words "COUPE STANLEY CUP" and "125 YEARS/ANS".
APPROVED BY THE NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE®! Your coins are wrapped in a special illustrated paper that includes a logo of the Stanley Cup® 125 Anniversary!


Designed by Canadian artist Steve Hepburn, your coin design brings together hockey's past and present in a momentous celebration of the Stanley Cup's® 125th anniversary! The legendary trophy itself is symbolically positioned in the centre of the field, where detailed engraving re-creates its multi-tiered bands. The bowl at the top is unmistakable, and serves as a powerful link to the trophy's origins in 1892, when the sixth Governor General of Canada donated a silver bowl to be awarded to Canada's top amateur team. To the left, the helmet-less player represents the game as it was played in the late 19th century; to the right is a more modern snapshot of how hockey is played today, 125 years after Lord Stanley's history-making donation. Also engraved on the reverse is a banner bearing the commemorative dates "1892" and "2017", as well as the words "COUPE STANLEY CUP" and "125 YEARS/ANS". The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.
Did you know...

No other trophy in professional sports bears the engraved names of the winning team's players, staff AND management!
Each of the five-band barrels offers enough room on the Cup to engrave 13 winning teams, with a limit of 52 engraved names. When all the rings are full, the oldest band (at the top) is removed and preserved at the Hockey Hall of Fame, while a new band is added to the bottom of the Cup.
Originally known as the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, the iconic silver bowl was donated on March 18, 1892 by the Governor General of Canada, Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, as a challenge cup to be awarded to Canada's top amateur hockey club.
Its appearance has changed over the years: until the late 1940s, the addition of tiered rings and narrow bands gave the Cup a cigar-like shape that earned it the nickname of "the Stovepipe Cup." A redesign transformed it into a two-piece trophy with a removable bowl and collar until its now iconic, one-piece design was introduced in 1958.

Your coins are wrapped in a special illustrated paper.

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