GURPS Cyberpunk Adventures Steve Jackson Games 1992

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Condition: Very Good
Manufacturer: Steve Jackson Games
Product Line: GURPS Cyberpunk Adventures 1st Edition
Type: Softcover
Code: SJG01695 6151
Copyright Date: 1992
Author: Pulver, Koke and Keating
Page Count: 128

Contents: This book contains three role-playing adventures using the third edition GURPS rules. All three adventures evoke the cyberpunk genre:

"The Medusa Sanction": The characters are hired to recover a package, and soon find themselves involved in industrial espionage and biological warfare.
"Jericho Blackout": Acting as mercenaries, the characters confront a gang of cybernetic street gangs in Montana.
"Jigsaw Incomplete": The characters must deal with reality-altering technology that is not working in the way it was intended

GURPS Cyberpunk Adventures Steve Jackson. Condition is Very Good. Shipped with USPS Media Mail.

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