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1Dqt8AsKaRdaWNqruPmUkqseqLm9YXZaP, Bitcoaster, 2018, Acrylics and Golden leafs on Canvas, 89x109cm/35”x42,9”

Bitcoaster is 1Dq’s second bitcoin roller coaster painting. The biggest difference from the first painting (Goldencoaster) is its size. Bitcoaster is bigger and it has 6 picture hanger hooks, therefore it is ready for any direction and volatility of the bitcoin market. We recommend that you hang it horizontally when the price of bitcoin changes between 0% and 5% in a given period, when the price changes between 5% and 10% you hang it in a tilted position and when the price of bitcoin changes more than 10% you can hang it vertically.

The original Bitcoin Roller Coaster was first created as a gif by the Brainless Tales in 2013 and it is meant to represent fast and sudden changes of the price of bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Artist 1Dq is a MFA painter and a fellow hodler. 1Dq paints in various styles as can be seen from his crypto art collection of paintings presented at SHA256art gallery. Pseudonym 1Dq is shortened from artist’s BTC address: 1Dqt8AsKaRdaWNqruPmUkqseqLm9YXZaP

Buyer gets framed Bitcoaster painting. Frame is the same as seen on these photos.

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