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7 Figures Academy covers all the tips, tricks and tactics you can use to boost your income into the 7-figure range.

You’ll get every single minute of the 12 hours of audio on 12 CDs and a 310-page transcript that’ll reveal what most people will NEVER know when it comes to boosting their income from the 6-figure to the 7-figure range.

I go through every single skill, tactic, strategy, and example you can implement right away when it comes to building a business that explodes your wealth and flicks the money-getting switch from “difficult” to “easy”.

These are skills you’re probably missing – but the good news is they’re easily learnable…like riding a bike.

The Best Part Is You Don’t Need A “Magic Genie” Or
Talent To Catapult Your Income Into The 7-Figure Range:

Becky Auer could tell you how she developed a customer list of SIXTY-SIX THOUSAND! – in Pittsburgh, fueling the biggest and most successful restaurant in its category there, generating millions, and leading to the restaurant’s sale at a desired price, with what you’ll discover in 7 Figure Academy.

You could ask Dr. Chris Tomshack how he went from 4 to 360 chiropractic clinics at blinding speed and keeps them all awash in patients with these secrets.

You could ask Matt Zagula about his 7-figure income financial advisory practice in a tiny town in West Virginia, Ben Glass about his enormously successful law practice, Craig Proctor about staying on the top ten list of ReMax real estate agents worldwide for 10 years – in Toronto, all thanks to the exact kind of strategies that I’m presenting here and, later in on this letter, will offer you an incredible shortcut to.

If you prefer the e-commerce world, you could talk to Michael Gravette at SafetyTechnology.com or Peggy Halgren at How-To-Quilt.com or Sean Greeley at NPE.com, and you would discover their very healthy 6-figure to multi-7-figure incomes are thanks to the exact kind of 7-figure blueprint that I’d like you to own.

If you are ready for a REAL business, sales, income and wealth-building breakthrough and sincerely interested in owning a REAL money-making machine, then keep reading.

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’ll
Discover In The 7 Figure Academy:

7 “Top Secret” requirements you NEED to have if you want to catapult your income to 7-figures. (You’re not going to discover these in any “mainstream” book or course)
The REAL business you need to be in—my friend Gary Halbert drilled this into me at one of his $7,000 seminars…which is $35,000 in today’s money…so you’ll get your money’s worth right here.
The secret of “dramatic demonstration” and how that can help you sell more of your product or service then ever possible (It’s something the advertising masters used ALL the time if you know your history)
How to focus on “qualification” when it comes to choosing what client, customer or patient you want to work with (You absolutely HAVE to do this if you want to get in the 7-figure range – nothing else will do)
The 5 keys to leveraging places and people in your quest to become a 7-figure earner. Quite simply, the game gets FASTER when you start banking extra zeros into your bank account.
The secret to leveraging brand and assets in your business so you can reach for higher heights of income…otherwise that “glass income ceiling” is going to keep you from doing anything.
Why it’s critical to become the “guru” in your industry when it comes to achieving more prestige, wealth, and POWER in your niche (most people shy away from this, but they’re stuck earning 6-figures and below as well…)
The importance of OPC (Other People’s Customers)…especially in today’s economy where it’s getting HARDER and harder to get a customer. (I’ll also share several strategies in this regard too)
The way you should be thinking when it comes to lead generation. Most people really BOTCH this up by making this #1 mistake – and they’re stuck earning 6 figures and below their entire lives.
Why competition is a GOOD thing…and how you can leverage competition to create a 2nd business out of your current one (most of my Renegade Millionaires end up making MORE money in less time by adding these “multipliers”).
The secret to implementing the Strategy of Preeminence…so you’re the only trusted advisor in your prospect’s minds. This is a very advanced concept Jay Abraham shared at the event—and you can use it to boost your business to 7-figures.
When manual labor is better when it comes to buying media in some aspects of a 7-figure business (Interestingly, this is something Trump used to do all the time)
If you’re just a “ho-hum” business, then you need to check this out! Because I reveal how to “bring something new to the table” so you’re the “go-to” person in your market. (99% of businesses really botch this up)
Why environment is EVERYTHING when it comes to getting work done…and being as productive as possible. And that doesn’t include having a client call while standing at a urinal or in a bathroom stall.
My secrets to controlling other people in a business…so they’re trained to respect your time so you can get work done. Being sloppy with this might work for a $350,000 business…but it’s inexcusable for a 7-figure business.
The secret of “compartmentalization” in time management and how that will allow you to be more productive than ever. (I am obsessed over keeping track of time…because that’s the only limited asset we have)
The unshakable mental attitude you NEED to have if you want to get to 7 figures in your business (80% of becoming a millionaire is MENTAL…and you have to get this down if you have any hopes of earning 7-figures)
The 3 tasks you should NEVER delegate if you want to keep track of what’s going on in your business (Trump does this all the time…yet most business owners let this “slide” by outsourcing it)
How to implement the wealth trigger of SPEED in your business—which is critical if you want to start making 7-figures (this ain’t the minor leagues anymore)
The #1 trait that will have customers, clients, and patients FLOCK to you—so you’ll never have to worry about money again (I’ve seen this over and over with my Renegade Millionaires and top money earners in GKIC)
3 critical mental blocks most business owners have when it comes to making money, and how you can overcome them (Most of this comes from childhood or upbringing, but you can shake loose all those LIES about money and wealth right away)
…And a whole LOT more!

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