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I was looking to buy a money making method here, so why not try this one. I’m gonna update a review, I hope it’s not recycled trash from 2010.

Benjamin -

Here's my review:

Methods: 9/10
First of all, there are 7 methods in total even though seller said that there are only 4 bonus methods, so this was a very pleasant surprise. The methods are mostly semi-private and the seller definitely has experience with the methods. All of the methods are different, so you don’t have to rely on one platform. It’s 99% whitehat (legal) and one of the methods could be considered as greyhat. The methods aren’t related to things like dropshipping or CPA surveys ?
Another good thing about them is that you can also get paid in crypto.

Seller: 10/10
The seller responded fast with a friendly tone, which was very helpful. He knew what he was talking about.

Price: 10/10
By buying this you can easily earn your money back in 2-7 days if you start after purchasing it. It’s without any doubts worth the price, especially with the discount.

I myself decided to try one of the methods where I saw very high potential, I expect to get my first payment in 1-2 days, so I will update this post later on.

I'm very happy with my purchase, the opportunities mentioned in the course are very good.

Catidiel write -

Here is my review.

A big vouch for this! When I was buying this, I didn't expect it to be so good, but the seller really found genius ways to make money from multiple sources. I've heard something about the websites used in the guide before, but never thought of so many good ways to profit off them.

I started with the first method in the guide, and it's insanely profitable. Believe me, something like that hasn't been ever sold on cracked. Anyway, I invested just 30 bucks and now I'm in profit of more than $600. And it has been less than a week... I'm starting to scale it and even found some other ways to profit more.

If you do it every day, you could be making even more than $200-300+ a day doing this. The earning potential of all of the methods is HUGE! There are also some autopilot and semi-autopilot methods, but if you spend 2-3 hours daily on the methods, you could profit more than with just running it on autopilot.

It's 100% worth it, the seller helped me with some parts of the method. If you consider how much value is in it, the price is very low.

My Overall Rating is 10/10, worth every penny

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