Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller unveils a Bitcoin watch

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The luxury watch brand Franck Muller has marketed a Bitcoin watch called Encrypto developed in partnership with the investment company cryptographic Regal Assets.


The Encrypto watch by Franck Muller is inspired by the world of Bitcoin. Its dial has been designed from the Bitcoin B and the QR code represents the address of the genesis block (the first block of the Bitcoin blockchain).

"Our goal is to create a link between the customer and the watch. As a brand, we are also creative trends and do not hesitate to adopt innovation. Bitcoin is millennials gold and the perfect marriage of innovation and personal choice, "said Erol Baliyan, regional director of Franck Muller, in a press release.
Each watch has a "Deep Cold Storage" to store bitcoins, with its own public key engraved on the dial and a sealed USB key containing the private key.

Credit: Franck Muller - Encrypto Bitcoin Watch
The crypto-portfolio has been designed in partnership with Regal Assets, a blockchain investment firm, and uses True Random Numbers Generated (TRNG) technology to securely store cryptocurrencies.

"Our watch is currently available online and in our store in Dubai. We accept payments by credit card, bank transfer and also in Bitcoin. "Added Baliyan.
Encrypto watches are sold between $ 9800 and $ 55,000, in limited series of 500 copies for each version (man / woman / different materials).

Franck Muller is not the first Swiss watchmaker to offer a Bitcoin watch. Recently, the Swiss Rebellion Timepieces and the Alpine Mining startup have collaborated and marketed a watch incorporating a gold coin serving as a crypto-wallet.

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