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*** Verified seller - 100% feedback ***

Do you need a way to buy Bitcoin but are struggling with exchanges, high fees and KYC procedures. Do you want an easy way to pay using Paypal and other payment options? Well look no further, I am offer extremely competitive rates for Fiat > BTC.

My flat rate is 5%. This means if you want to recieve £100 in BTC, it will cost you £105 (Not including transaction fees). ,You will find this a very good price compared to things exchanges and websites like LBC who charge at the very minimum 5/10%, sometimes as high as 25% from certain sellers.

PLEASE take the time to read below, find out how everything works and all the fees associated etc. It will save us both time in the future.


Payment options:

Paypal (5% Friends&Family, 10% Goods&Services)
Bank Transfer (5%)
TransferWise (5%)
Cash In Mail/Prepaid Credit Card (5%) [Only offered to UK customers who want to stay completely anonymous]

How it works

Please use the private message service on Bitify to contact me to discuss the total amount you would like to exchange, the payment method, the total amount due including fees and any other questions you may have. Please read all the details below as most questions are answered there.

The address you would like your BTC to sent will be requested and sent to you either immediately depending on the payment method or after a certain period of time (Outlined below)



Friends & Family - You will be sent the email address of my Paypal account to send the full sum including fees. Please remember there is a 0.0005 transaction fee that can be deducted from the total amount sent to you or you can send it upfront with the full payment. The total amount of the transaction fee will vary from time to time depending on the price of Bitcoin.

Goods & Services - This payment option has higher fees associated with it because of the potential risk of charge back scammers which are prevalent. There is a 10% flat fee, additional 5% fee to cover the "Goods & Services" fee and the standard 0,0005 transaction fee.

Paypal payments take the longest to process for new customers, these can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. Repeat customers are guaranteed same day delivery but security procedures are in place after situations in the past. Please keep this in mind when choosing Paypal.

NOTE: If i sense anything is amiss with your payment using Paypal "Goods & Services" I.E you are lying about who you say you are on your Paypal, your payment will be withheld for 180 days and your account reported to Paypal. So don't bother, it is pretty easy to tell when someone is lying about who they say they are. If you want to go through a lengthy process of trying to get your money back, be my guest. I have no time for scammers.


Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer is by far the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to pay. Delivery will always be guaranteed same day no exceptions.

I will send you the details you will need to wire the total sum to my account. After the total amount is received. Your BTC will sent to the address you provide. This usually happens within an hour or two but can take as long as 24 hours.



Typically this method is cheaper than your average bank, especially for people who live outside of the UK. Google their website to find out how they operate.


Cash In Mail/Prepaid Credit Card:

Please contact to discuss.



My minimum exchange is £100. I do not operate in any other currency other than GBP (£). Please do not waste my time asking to convert dollars, euros or any other currency other than pounds. Also please do not waste my time asking to convert less than £100 with the promise of excessive high value, future business.

If you have any other questions which have not be answered here, feel free to PM.


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