The Tyriod Diet + 2 Bonus – Ebook


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Before you groan and roll your eyes at yet another fad “diet” that will likely be out
of trend by 2020, the Anti-Inflammatory diet does not include a meal plan,
counting calories, or measuring your food like it’s a math problem. While “diet”
has become a dirty word, associated with limitation or deprivation for the sake of
losing weight, it actually just means the food you’re putting in your body. And the
Anti-Inflammatory diet is about putting the right foods in your body to ward off
disease and to be your healthiest self.
While it’s been buzzed about lately as a means to cure acne or prevent cancer, it
has a much wider range of health benefits. Eating Anti-Inflammatory foods has
been proven to help athletes recover, boost gut health, reduce pain associated with
aging, and even protect heart health.
The bottom line is that the Anti-Inflammatory diet is not a “diet” at all, but rather
a lifestyle, focusing simply on nourishing your body in the best way possible, so it
can do its job of keeping you healthy. While there are a lot of great diets out there
worth trying, the Anti-Inflammatory diet promises a life free of inflammation, risk
of disease, and overthinking what you can and cannot eat.
Check out this comprehensive guide to help you make an informed choice about
following this lifestyle and adopting this dietary shift.

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