The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating | Cajun

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Item description

The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating | Cajun
Love Systems

This book offers information on how to meet women via online dating.
Released in 2012, the ebook is one of the last in the Love Systems portfolio of courses.
As with other courses, Nick Savoy gives a 'topic' project to one of the senior instructors (in this case Derek Cajun) to further develop and refine the product.


"The breakdown of how to approach photos, while common sense, were something I hadn't been doing at all. I followed his advice and literally received compliments instantly from women.

Surprisingly, the one chapter I would really, really use was the one on the Question Game. He may be right that this game existed even when he was just a kid but its use in pick up was invented by Mystery, especially the way you start off with the first question. I will say that Cajun refines this gambit and elaborates on it much, much further." -Thanateros


The guys at Love Systems know their stuff. Battle tested and ready for immediate use. I saw INSTANT results. The only reason why I gave it a 9/10 in innovation is because its not just slightly dated, we live in a Tinder world now. However, I have heard from someone on the inside that they are going to release an updated version soon!

Cajun's Question Game reveal is worth the price of the book alone, however the tips and insight into the online dating approach are still very valuable. I would recommend pairing this with MAGIC BULLETS and the ULTIMATE GUIDE TO TEXT AND PHONE GAME. Seriously, you'll be happy you made the investment- so long as you use them!" -CRGALLEGO

"Really good. Got me much better results

Ok, first I gotta say? What's with the Mystery fan boy on the other user review?

This book was way better than the other course I bought before it - which was Internet Dating Insider.

This book was well researched, balanced, all the advice was solid and I've been putting it into practice - and well it has got me much better results. So for me, this is an excellent course. I'm really not sure how you could improve on it - it's pretty comprehensive, and you come away feeling that you get the whole 'online dating' thing.

I loved how Cajun brings the psychology background into it which I'd never thought of - that kind of opened my eyes to looking at it in a completely different way. That was just as valuable as the practical tips on what to do with photos, what to write in your profile and which messages to send and so on.

Excellent book. If you're trying the online dating thing and not getting results, it's a great purchase." -Tim

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