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Item description

Shogun Sequences over Text | Derek Rake

Shogun Sequences Optimized For Text Messages

Shogun Sequences Over Text Volume 1 contains
five selected Shogun Sequences adapted and optimized to be used over text

Sequence 1: “The Asshole Theory”. A powerful rapport builder which you can use over text. Copy-and-paste this Sequence and text it to her… and see her rapport with you deepen instantly.

Sequence 2: “Butterflies In Your Stomach”. This legendary Shogun Sequence (when combined with a one-word Intrigue Ping) is now extra powerful when used over text!

Sequence 3: “Boyfriend Smasher”. Possibly the ONLY Shogun Sequence which works as a boyfriend destroyer routine when delivered over text. Comes with extra “built-in” protection against Precondition #2 violations.

Sequence 4: “Illness Pattern”. A “negative” Shogun Sequence designed to make your target feel sick or uneasy. Now tweaked to be equally as effective over text, you can use this to anchor her ill feelings to a competitor… or her boyfriend. Nasty!

Sequence 5: “Emptiness Pattern”. Text this to her (and combine it with One Sentence Fractionation)… and she won’t even think of using mind games on you in fear of using you. Powerful!

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