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Item description

license to print money
by buster
discounted to $10 for corona crisis 2020

here is one of several positives reviews from my previous guide, snow white method (whose main focus was not about making money)...
this reviewer paid $75 for snow white
(i sell it for $75 on hf, but starting in march 2020 it's only $15 here on bitify) yesterday and after trying it out, decided against posting a public review (not because the method was bad, but because the method is so good):

"buster i thought long and hard about that and i’m mad at you
you could make $40 for 8 mins work every time.
yeah, this exploit is absolutely godly. i got me and my fiancé some absolutely incredible $100+ dollar steak and lobster to celebrate this working.
thanks for feeding me
i talked to my girl about this and she agreed whole heartedly not to review because we don’t want to saturate it my guy...
why would you risk this method for absolute chump change in the long run of the potential value of this exploit.
as in saturate from the testimony i could provide :/
that would increase sales etc etc
it’s like the best compliment in a way because youre such a hook up but i just hope you can see from my perspective"

basically, the above reviewer who purchased my snow white method said he felt reluctant to leave a positive review because he thought it was too good to give away at $75 (i understand his point of view though i don't share it...he's a good guy).

who the blazes wants to work for some tawdry trollop from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day? not me.


2 hours per week cutting and pasting something to places i provide you.

the white hat method (the main method) in this 8 page guide cannot become over-saturated.
the audience size is in the millions, so even if there's 100 people doing this, there's plenty of room for everyone.
there are three bonus methods included in addition to the main method, but the profit in the bonus methods are not yet thoroughly tested (except for the first bonus method which definitely works well).

it's easy

imagine you find someone who's about to hand over cash to a merchant, and you tell them they can easily get that at 10% to 40% discount...
they don't need to join some program with hidden fees or some membership cost; you'll never solicit them for money, you'll only offer them a discount.

you're selling them nothing!
these people are already have buyer's intent as they are moments away from making a purchase.
then you swoop in and say, "psst... you're paying too much for that." black hat
they already know what they are going to buy, you're not selling them anything.

who says no to that?
only those with half a brain, and with license to print money, you won't hear the no'll only see your wallet fatten $25 at a time.

you decide how you'll get paid... paypal, gift card, and more.


this method is guaranteed to work only through the end of december,
so you have about seven months to get in and then this opportunity is vanished in time forever.

why are you practically giving this away for peanuts?

mainly because this is not an evergreen method.
this will last only till the end of september,
so the most you'll earn from it is roughly $33,000 (assuming you work the method every day of the month).
moreover, your doing this does not interfere with my profit because this is on a global scale.

p.s. this is white hat (totally legal).

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