Double Your Bitcoin Using My New Method In 2020

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In this e-book, I will show you how to abuse a huge exploit on a crypto gambling site (bookmaker) to double your Bitcoins.

Here are some important rules before we begin:

1. You can use it only once, as it works only for the first deposit on the site.

2. If you try to create a second account with the same IP, the site will detect it, and freeze all of your accounts - so don’t do that.

3. Don’t use a VPN! If you do, the site will block you from withdrawal.

So basically, if you use it just once to make profit, and you won’t try to create multi-accounts or use VPN, you will be all good, and there will be no problems with cashout. You can of course use another network from your phone for example, or from your friend’s house or something, but never create a second account on the same PC / Network than used on your first account.

How it works?

The exploit will allow you to generate a second Bitcoin wallet on crypto1xbit, and when you make a deposit to the second address – your deposit will be doubled. Why? Because the website script doesn’t update the details instantly (it happens only after your refresh the page), so what it means is that when the new address receives a new deposit, the old one is still active, and since you have 2 addresses in their database, your deposit will count twice. It works only for the first deposit on the site.

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