CSGO Money Making Method

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I’m sure that everyone that plays Counter Strike: Global Offensive has, at some point, wanted a
knife or a skin for a certain weapon. But as they start researching, they see that many knives and
skins cost upwards of $100. This is a major turn off and I have yet to meet someone that actually
thinks purchasing a skin like this is a good investment. Why would someone pay $100 for something
when they could get it for $0.20, or even free? If you don’t want to pay such outrageous prices, then
that’s probably the reason you’ve purchased this document. You want to learn how to Trade Up.
Trading Up is the process by which one earns money through Counter Strike: Global Offensive
items. For example, you receive a weapon or case drop after a game, worth about $0.20. You post
around and find a trade for an item worth $0.27. You continue to do this until you receive a desired
inventory net worth. It seems slow, but don’t let you turn that away from reading the rest of this
document. You’ll learn to do it quickly and correctly for maximum profits.

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