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▬▬▮ Clean Green ▮▬▬
Tips and Recipes for a naturally clean, more sustainable home

Author : Jen Chillingsworth
Release Date : 1 February 2020
Editions : Quadrille Publishing Ltd
Format : ePub
Language : English
Pages : 158

What is in my cleaning products? Are these chemicals bad for my health? How do I reduce the amount of plastic in my home? These are questions we should all be asking when it comes to cleaning.
Cleaning is something we all have to do, whether we enjoy it or not. In supermarkets we are bombarded with the sheer number of plastic products available that clean anything and everything. However, these products contain a cocktail of chemicals that can have a severe effect on our health and the environment we live in.
Clean Green will show you how to tackle each room and cleaning task in a natural way. Featuring a collection of eco-friendly recipes to make your own hand wash, dishwashing liquid, stain remover, toilet cleaner, air freshener, and more. Learn how to create your own products that are safer to use and keep your home sparkling clean.
Small steps. Big changes.

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