Create Customized Audio Brainwave Track For Meditation!

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Item description

I will create for you any audio brainwave entrainment sessions (up to 1 hours long per session), using bi-naural beats or ischronic tones (ischronic is best for self-programing). File will be in mp3 format..

Using the latest Neuro Programmer software application, this can be used for stimulating the brain to your desired state, improving your mental abilities or achieving lasting personal change through added affirmations.

Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can get it here on fiverr for $12.

Brainwave activity is directly linked to your state of mind, using a term called Entrainment.

Self-Programming: Using focused psychological techniques, combined with the methods of hypnosis and other fields, the NP-3 can help you make real and lasting changes to emotional reactions, bad habits, behaviors, thought patterns and more.

Rid yourself of limiting beliefs and destructive thought patterns
Change emotional reactions
Access helpful mental states on demand
And lots more..!

All you need is an audio player and a headphone to be entrain.

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