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Ben Pakulski
4 complete workout programs
Videos & Pdf

If you are looking for a guide on how to build muscle and how to build muscle fast, the Ben Pakulski program are the ones that you should look into further and really evaluate. If it’s mass you want, these programs teach how to build muscle mass and how to build lean muscle mass. It will teach you how to build more muscle in your legs, arms, chest, triceps, shoulders, and back. This is a great overall bodybuilding routine and if you are looking for specific bodybuilding workout routines, this program is very comprehensive. You will really like how the bodybuilding schedule is laid out so that it is easy to follow.
Ben Pakulski is essentially a bodybuilding encyclopedia as you will learn when you go through the Mi40 programs.

Content :
● Ben Pakulski Mi40-X CEP - Xtreme Workout Program (Vidéos & Pdf)
● MI40 Complete Workout Program by Ben Pakulski (Vidéos & Pdf)
● Hypertrophy Max : Phase 1 to 5 (10 hours Video)
● Workshop Advanced Techniques for Hypertrophy & Fat Loss (2 hours video)

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