Orson Welles The Black Museum Complete Crime-Drama

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Orson Welles
The Black Museum Complete

The Black Museum was a radio crime-drama program produced by Harry Towers in London. It was broadcast in Europe on Radio Luxembourg, a commercial radio station, and was not broadcast by the BBC until 1991.
In 1946 Harry Towers and his mother, Margaret Miller Towers, started a company called Towers of London that sold various syndicated radio shows around the world, including The Lives of Harry Lime, with Orson Welles, The Secrets of Scotland Yard, with Clive Brook, Horatio Hornblower, with Michael Redgrave, and a series of Sherlock Holmes stories featuring John Gielgud as Holmes, Ralph Richardson as Watson and Welles as Moriarty.

The Black Museum was based on real-life cases from the files of Scotland Yard's Black Museum. The program was transcribed in 1951 and was broadcast in the United States January 1-December 31, 1952, on Mutual.
More than 500 of the network's stations carried it. Ira Marion was the scriptwriter, and music for the series was composed and conducted by Sidney Torch.

Orson Welles was both host and narrator for stories of horror and mystery, based on Scotland Yard's collection of murder weapons and various ordinary objects once associated with historical true crime cases. The show's opening began:

This is Orson Welles, speaking from London.
(Sound of Big Ben chimes)
The Black Museum... a repository of death. Here in the grim stone structure on the Thames which houses Scotland Yard is a warehouse of homicide, where everyday objects... a woman’s shoe, a tiny white box, a quilted robe... all are touched by murder.

▬ 51 episodes
01 The .22 Caliber Pistol AKA Little Blue 22
02 .32 Calibre Bullet
03 Bath Tub
04 The Black Gladstone Bag
05 The Brick
06 The Brass Button
07 Can of Weed Killer
08 Canvas Bag
09 The Car Tire
10 The Champagne Glass
11 A Claw Hammer
12 Door Key
13 Faded Tartan Scarf AKA The Yellow Scarf
14 Four Small Bottles
15 French-English Dictionary
16 Gas Receipt
17 Frosted Glass Shards
18 The Hammerhead
19 The Jack Handle
20 Jar of Acid
21 The Khaki Handkerchief
22 A Lady's Shoe
23 The Leather Bag
24 A Letter
25 The Mandolin String
26 Meat Juice
27 The Notes
28 The Old Wooden Mallet
29 The Open End Wrench
30 A Pair Of Spectacles
31 A Piece Of Iron Chain
32 The Pink Powderpuff
33 Post Card With Picture Of The Rising Sun
34 A Prescription
35 The Raincoat
36 Length of Sash Cord
37 Auto Service Card
38 The Sheath Knife
39 The Shopping Bag
40 Shilling
41 A Silencer
42 The Small White Boxes
43 The Spotted Bedsheet
44 The Straight Razor
45 The Tan Shoe
46 The Telegram
47 The Trunk
48 Two Bullets
49 Walking Stick
50 A Women's Pigskin Glove
51 The Wool Jacket

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