Creating a Bug Free Mind – Andy Shaw [$216]

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Creating a Bug Free Mind – Andy Shaw [$216]

The Bug Free Mind Process Has Now Been Proven In Over 130 Countries.

Its purpose is to provide freedom from pain, an end to suffering, happiness and certain success to the world one mind at a time.
The Process has been given many titles since it was first released, but it is simply a guide to exactly how to use your mind to deliver you the life you desire. It was created as a result of asking the question, ‘why can I succeed, and why do others struggle?’

I asked it first in the spring of 2004 and got my answer in the autumn of 2008. Once I saw why I and other successful people could do it and why over 99% of people couldn’t (even though everyone was once were very successful – yes everyone). Then it was easy (ish) to create a process simple enough for all to follow.

Because all I had to show people how to do was to get back to the natural successful people they were designed to be, before our poor education robbed them of their natural ability. This is not a dig at education, as that’s good. The problem is no one has ever been taught how to think, and this must run alongside anything we attempt to learn.

The Process puts into an applicable way all of the teachings necessary for success that have been given to us by prophets throughout history.
For example, the maxim from Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This is clearly a wonderful statement, but no one is taught how to be that change, this process teaches that amongst many other things. But it teaches it all in a way where anyone can apply it.

If you decide to go on this journey through your mind, you are not going to be stuffing in more and more knowledge, the truth is you probably have enough or even too much of that. What this process does is teach you how to make all the wonderful knowledge you have applicable, and how to enjoy living to the proverb, ‘the journey is the reward.’

This is simply a system for thinking which enables you to have much more from life than you may currently think possible.


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