Web-based email marketing software with SMTP Rotation

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Email marketing today is becoming the most effective way to market your services and products. This is why we have created a powerful CAN-SPAM compliant email marketing software to meet all your email marketing needs. Our cloud hosted email application offers you an easy and efficient platform to use your own private SMTP server, third party SMTP relay services from providers such as Amazon SES or Sendgrid or any free SMTP accounts from free email providers for reliable delivery of your marketing and transactional emails. The program supports bulk import of unlimited SMTP accounts which can be rotated automatically based on pre-defined sending limits and mailing lists can be imported from CSV or plain text files and MySQL database

As a unique feature of our email application, emails can be verified in real-time while sending your campaigns using the free in-built email verifier or integrated email verifier API thereby helping you to reduce bounces and maintain a clean sender reputation.In addition, you can add unlimited POP servers on our email application to automatically process your bounces and protect your sender reputation. Our email marketing application also supports campaign subject and message body content spinning with the ability to insert personalized data to make sure each message sent out is unique thereby ensuring better inbox placement.

Full Features:

-Fully cloud hosted on dedicated containers/servers. Therefore you do not have to worry about setting up the application on your own server yourself. This will allow you to focus on your campaigns while we take care of the infrastructure.

-Unlimited email addresses & mailing lists can be uploaded in both CSV & TXT formats

-Mailing lists with subscribers information such as names can be uploaded for personalized sending

-Unlimited email addresses can be imported directly from a MySQL database with support for automatic scheduled import

-Easy,automatic one-click unsubscribe links

-Automated bounced email processing and bounce list download support

-Supports unlimited bulk import of SMTP and POP accounts

-SMTPSwitch Mailer can automatically warmup your SMTP server(s) IP addresses by limiting the amount of mail that can be sent through them per hour. You can specify this hourly limit per SMTP depending on the state of your SMTP IP ( new or cold/dormant)

-Unlimited emails can be sent by the program up to millions per day depending on your SMTP capacity

-Supports automatic message subject and body rotating using spinning {|} syntax format

-Automated unlimited POP account login tests

-On-going email campaigns can be stopped or resumed at any timeSupports unlimited checking or verification of SMTP and POP accounts to check health of servers

-Includes a free complete email verification function to check if emails really exists and can receive messages in real time prior to sending your campaigns

-Automatic Bounced Email Cleaning to remove bounced or invalid email from your lists

-Bounce email processing support for multiple bounce email addresses

-Powerful mailing list management features such as Split, Merge, Subtract,Filter etc

-Ability to restrict the total number of emails able to be sent for each sub user and the total number of emails in users lists as the super admin

-Unsubscribe List download support which can be used as a Supression List

-Optional Inbuilt Real-Time Email Validation API for validating emails before sending thereby eliminating bounces

-SMTP Failover support and redundancy. Campaigns can be load balanced among multiple SMTP servers for high performance

-Email sending pausing support (Pause for Y seconds after sending X emails)

-SMTP priority support(choose the order in which you want your SMTP servers to send messages)

-Message saving/draft so that campaigns can easily be re-used anytime

-Easy Backup/Restore GUI for Mailing Lists,SMTP Accounts and Saved Campaigns

-Multiple Mailing Lists file uploads capabilities with upload progress bar

-Email campaign statistics (Open Tracking, No. of Unsubsribes etc)

-Email campaign personalization using subscriber's contact names and email address tags

-Fast sending speed using multithreading (up to 500 simultaneous sends)

-Supports unlimited users with seperate environment(unlimited sub accounts can be addded to the mailer)

-Exclusive email sending using mailing lists and SMTP servers for each sub accounts

-100% CAN-SPAM compliant with CAN-SPAM compliant features such as automatic one-click unsubscribe links and automated bounced email processing.

-Easily configure the application with any private, free or third party SMTP server

-Support for multiple SMTP servers,automatic SMTP server switching and throttling to overcome email provider limit

-Inbuilt SMTP server tester

-Support for redundant SMTP servers

-Support for SSL/TLS/STARTTLS Encrption Protocols

-Support for SMTP server redundancy and email campaign reliability

-Load Balance between multiple SMTP servers

-In-built background email sending if internet connection is interrupted or browser is closed

-Support for editing, deleting and searching emails from the email lists

-Easily insert unlimited images from your local computer into the body of email message

-Tested on multiple SMTP servers: Sendmail, qmail, Postfix, Gmail, Imail, Exchange, etc

-No email list size upload limits

-User Friendly and Rich Graphical User Interface (GUI)

-Send emails in HTML and plain Text

-Full WYSIWYG campaign editing

-Support for multiple file attachments

Disclaimer: SMTPSwitch Mailer is not intended for SPAMMING and contains no features for hiding your identity. We do not condone using this software for spamming. We are not responsible for any misuse of this software.

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