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Overview of PayMoney

It is very difficult to remain thousands of miles away from the people you care about a lot. But it should not be hard to send money to your nearest & dearest ones. With payMoney, hopefully now it will be easier. payMoney is an online money transfer system that ensures a smooth transaction from the pre-payment to the pay-out process.
payMoney is too much simpler & more convenient to send money online than having travel to bank or other ways. Just follow the payMoney systems simple step to get started.
It will help to keep your account more secured & reliable. Enjoy safe online payments by payMoney system. This system is similar to the large payment services like PayPal or Stripe.
You can send money within e few minutes with multiple currencies and multiple payment gateways like paypal, stripe, coin payments and many more.
The main features of many are Deposits, Withdrawals, Transfer, Exchange, Request payment, Ticketing system, Revenues, Merchants etc. When user have any claim against any payment that time they can claim to the defendant by Dispute section.

Demo Site info:

Admin Login:
username : [email protected]
password : 123456

User Login:
username : [email protected]
passwrod : 123456

Merchant Login:
username : [email protected]
passwrod : 123456

Stripe credentials (Deposit)
Card number: 4242424242424242
MM/YY: 12/29
cvc: 123

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