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This unique and powerful Windows desktop based mailer is fully automatic and can run non-stop 24/7 once you have entered the database credentials and imported or added your SMTP's and Socks Proxy. You do not need to own your own mailing list as this mailer comes with access to 700 million general consumer verified emails that you can simply configure into the program. The leads are sourced from worldwide sources mainly from consumer contacts and regularly verified and is ideal for marketing needs. This list is privately maintained and only accessible through this mailer.

You will receive SMTP server with capacity to send up to 6000 emails/hour and a rotating/backconnect Socks 5 server with thousands of IP pool. The program can also work reliably without any Socks 5. Program only runs on Windows systems.

The program can automatically rotate unlimited number of SMTPs and Socks 5 proxy. The software supports automatic SMTP rotation whether the SMTP uses hostname or IP. It can rotate SMTPs hostnames or IPs. It also supports spintax for all fields such as "From Name", Recipient name, Message or Body ,Sender email, etc.

Full Features:

*Supports unlimited SMTP servers. Multiple SMTP servers can be imported using a text file

*SMTP IP connection rate: This feature allows for controlling the number of attempted delivery to recipients within a specified time period per SMTP IP

*Only supports pooling email addresses from a MySQL database. We have a general consumer 500 million regularly verified email database that you can easily plug into the mailer for your email promotion/marketing needs. You will get access to this regularly verified and maintained database as long as your license is valid.

*Automatic cold/new SMTP IP warm-up: Program allows you to auto increase the daily sending limits of each SMTP IP by a value specified every X hours without manual intervention

*Ability to automatically insert personalized info in the messages sent out such as names

*Ability to compose messages both in plain text and HTML

*Application supports subject and message body content spinning using the spintax format: {X|Y|Z...}

*Support for unlimited rotating Socks proxies.

*Super fast and multithreaded up to 1000 threads

* 1-month access license and unrestricted access to the full mailing database + Rotating Socks 5 + SMTP server

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