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How to start a wildly profitable 6-figure consulting business & get your first high value client in 42 days.
Almost 14 GB of files with added bonus.
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There's no “magic niche”, you need to go through this process yourself and we teach you exactly how to do this in detail in the program. It's the first week of the training for a reason, you don't pick your niche and then join the program. You join the program to pick your niche. If we expected you to pick it before joining it wouldn't be a module in the training program. Don't worry about picking your niche, join and then we figure that out together. We have a full process for this.

We have students from thousands of different niches and industries. From accounting to Amazon selling to porn addiction to horse dentistry, we have people in everything you can think of. This program is designed as a framework that's applicable to any industry/niche so whatever niche you're in, the program will work for you.

On our website you can see successful students by niche:

Health & Wellness
Marketing & eCommerce
Education & Coaching
Financial & Legal
Construction Services
Real Estate
Art & Design
Small Business

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