Another update or… well, another update-to-be  is being worked on, it’s not quite ready yet, but we thought you deserve to know what we’re working on and what/when to expect these updates to go live.

We’ve received a HUGE response through contact forms, direct emails, comments on posts, comments on listings and even direct messages full of features requests and bug reports.. Again, you’ve proven yourself as an awesome community and we appreciate the time you’re putting into reporting and requesting what you think is better for every one.

We had our monthly (face-2-face) meeting last night, a lengthy yet well worth it meeting and we’ve brainstormed a long list of new features which we will be working on in the next 12 weeks. No, you won’t be waiting 12 weeks to see an update, we will be pushing these features out one by one as we finish developing and testing them. You will, as always, have the chance to tell us where we messed up, and we’ll be looking forward to that!

Features to Expect:

  1. Filter by items shipping to “x” country. Users will now be able to select and display items shipping to their country only. This will include items shipping locally, internationally to country “x” and the no shipping required items. The feature is ready and is being tested.
  2. Add an email/shipping address to the checkout page to improve user experience and forward buyer details across to the seller upon confirmation of the payment so we can reduce time spend by users trying to exchange the details. Buyers will also be able to add “Note to Seller” upon checkout.
  3. Add support for new posts to be posted using a fixed value in your choice of crypto currency instead of USD only.
  4. Ad support for sellers to be able to select which crypto currency they want to accept payments in for every posted item instead of relying on supplied addresses in the Personal Information page.
  5. Add custom shipping fields so seller can add more shipping choices (within certain countries, continent, insurance, priority mail, etc…). And give the buyers the choice of shipping they prefer.
  6. Add an option for sellers to be able to cancel a sale if the buyer hasn’t paid.
  7. New details will be added to the won/sold auction details. Details like (Quantity, shipping cost, payment status, Escrow fee, etc…)
  8. A new featured items slider will be added to give a chance for sellers to feature their items on the home page and on other pages.
  9. A verification process will be put in place and sellers can select to be verified. This will give the seller a “Verified” badge on all their listings and on their profile page and increase trust in their sales.
  10. Invoices will be sent to both buyers and seller with all sale details.
  11. Tooltips will be added to enhance the user experience.
  12. Once all the above is done and it’s working perfect, we will be working on a grid view for the items and a better feel and look of the site.

We do appreciate your support and your patience, we are doing our best to get these features and updates released as soon as possible. There’s around 120-150 man hours in the above list and we all have full time jobs, some of us have wives and kids (1 wife/dev) :-) – but we’re still putting every effort to get your requests filled ASAP.

We’re going to presume you already know how to reach out if we missed something? Thanks again everyone!