It is with regret that we are announcing that from 15th of April we will be removing support for all alt coins except Litecoin from  It has been a great experience testing and working with these alt coins from the day we went live, but for several reasons it is now time to remove them.  Bitcoin and Litecoin payments will not be affected.

We would like to encourage everyone who has been accepting ONLY Feathercoin, Primecoin, Worldcoin, Maxcoin, and/or Mincoin to add Litecoin and Bitcoin addresses to their Personal information page so they can accept these coins instead. Failing to do so would mean buyers will NOT be able to pay for purchases.

But, why are we removing these coins?

  1. We’ve only had a handful of transaction across these alts and it’s simply not worth supporting them at this stage.
  2. We’re improving our layout and feel that these coins clutter the site and from experience we know that 95% of our visitors aren’t interested in them.
  3. We’re improving our user experience and site performance (load balance, application specific servers, and global CDN). While the altcoin clients reside on a dedicated server, we believe we can better use this resource to improve the speed of other parts of the site.

We want to extend our thanks to the developers behind the altcoins and the community which have helped us add and experiment with them.  It’s been an absolute pleasure working with every single one of you.

So now what? Have we given up on altcoins you’re asking? Definitely not!

We have faith in the technology, we have faith in the revolution, and we most definitely have faith in the developers who are working hard on getting some great coins with tons of innovation out to the public. Going forward we will be evaluating each coin and monitoring its market closely before making a decision whether to add it or not. We know there are a lot of great coins out there right now and there will be more to come, but at this stage we can better serve our customers by focusing on adding new features and improving users’ experience before adding any extra coins. So yes, please save yourself the hassle of asking us to add “x” coin, we will be adding those which prove to be worth the shot as we see fit.