Promo: 200 LTC Giveaway

Following the release of our BitCoin and LiteCoin Auction site, we’re having a promotional giveaway offer to our first 200 users to post on our website.

We’ll be giving away 1 LTC to be sent to your nominated LTC address or as a BTC-e code to be redeemed on To be elligable for this promotion, you need to register on and post a new “genuine” post. Send your LiteCoin address or your btc-e username across through our Contact Us page along with your bitify’s username and receive your LTC within 12 hours.


– Set your item to expire in at least 2 weeks as we’re still in beta release and still building our user base and visitors

– Like us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to be notified about all future promotions

– Share the site with your friends and on your social network so they can grab a share of this promotion

– Send us your feedback and recommendations so we can better serve you and the community

Comment bellow should you have any questions regarding this promotion

Note: Limited 1 LTC per user


Our LTC giveaway has finished, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of registrations and a huge number of email congratulating us on the site and providing suggestions and feedback.

Thanks a lot for all of you who have participated in this giveaway and sorry to those who have missed out. We’re currently working on our Beta2 update which should be ready within a week or two max. When this update is finished, another giveaway will be undertaken, so stay tuned :-)

Thanks again every one